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EZSpirits POS Updates

Keeping you EZSpirits POS software up to date is an important part of maintaining your system. Downloading and applying updates is each store's responsibility. The Updater will be installed on either your server or your 'main' office machine, depending on the size of your store. The Updater will tell you when a newer version is available, we also try to announce new versions on the logon screen.(Message of the day)

Updates should be run in the morning before you open the store. The whole process can take from 15-30 minutes depending on the number of computers you have. We do not recomend running update after the store has opened becaus ALL machine must be out of EZSpirits POS to run an update, and its hard to take care of customers without EZSpirits POS running. We also do not recommend running updates on weekends or high traffic days.

A lot of effort has gone into making the update process quick and simple.

Instructions for Updating your system

Update related downloads

These should never be downloaded and install unless we are helping you.

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